5 Most Popular Apps for Construction Industries

In the world of construction there are individuals that are called estimators. They are defined as, “the person who calculates or computes the cost of labor, the amount of materials and equipment necessary to conclude a construction project”. This includes diverse forms of constructions; residential, civil works and even hi-rise buildings. An estimator generally works from a bill of quantities or a set of drawings for the project provided by the client providing prices for everything and anything from as big as maintenance projects to be done over many years or a single construction. Over the years technology has changed significantly. Originally Estimators used calculators, papers and pens to fabricate estimates. Computer technology advances has made it significantly easier to price and make a submission.

Few Most Popular Apps for Construction & Cost Estimators

1. PlanGrid

PlanGrid App

One of the fastest blueprint viewers currently on the Android platform, PlanGrid is a must have for the modern estimator or architect. It allows for the easy sharing of plans, Photos, markups and reports with the entire project team. It can be used with or without an internet connection to follow the project and its revisions, track the progress and monitor the issues as they arise while keeping everyone abreast.

PlanGrid Features include:
• Quickest tablet blueprint viewer
• Constantly have the most recent version with you even when you’re offline
• Create and track issues
• Automatic backup and archive of all construction progress photos

2. Estimate All Pro

This is another ingenious app designed by JLGpro apps. This is a simple app which allows for estimation. The estimations can be done for different clients or for the same client but stored under different titles. The estimates are then able to be searched, viewed, edited and deleted. Once the estimate is named, just add the item name, description and quantity and unit price. It even adds an option and allows you to scan the barcode for the item so it can be searched for online at a later date. Once done, the app then does the calculations; adds taxes where necessary and gives the grand total.

The app features:
• Unlimited estimate saves
• Add limitless items (Construction, Concrete, Furniture, and Painting)
• Remodeling
• Search, view and delete estimates.
• Email estimates to anyone

3. Construction Master Pro

Designed by Calculated Industries, Construction Master Pro is an app used by estimators. The application includes two models; the 4080(with trig) and the 4065. It includes a full user guide and the ability to press and hold a key for additional help options. It is the ideal companion for all construction professionals.

The features include:
• Complete functionality of Construction Master Calculator built for android devices.
• Revision of entries
• Full Complement of Trig functions
• Integrated solutions and conversions (Dimensional Math, Right Angle Solutions, Area and Volume Solutions.


4. BIMx

Created by Graphisoft SE, this is the supreme app presenter for GRAPHISOFT ArchiCAD. The follow-up to the original app, it is greatly enhanced.

It now features:
• BIMx Hyper-model
• Smooth 2D-3D transition
• Trace 2D drawings on 3D
• Zoom, pan and rotate with finger controls
• BIMx DocsThe BIMx Docs functionality makes the workflow process easy as it saves you time and money printing out plans.

5. DEWALT Mobile Pro

DeWalt Mobile Pro, built by Infinity Softworks, is a mobile app tool for the iOS (Apple) platform. It is comprised of a scientific AND a construction calculator PLUS templates for common construction variables like volume, area and length. It also estimate studs, concrete slabs and drywall. The pro app offers purchases in the app in addition to the free capabilities that it already comes with. Such purchases are for other construction areas like, trim work, carpentry, landscaping, concrete and site work.

DEWALT Mobile Pro features include:
• Immediate answers to job-site questions.
• Recollection of previous calculations or formulae that are used
• Provides visual assistance of a situation through illustration
• Proffers a variety of trade-specific add-ons.

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